Rental Fees

Rental fees include utilities, use of kitchen for warming food, requested number of tables and chairs, two restroom areas and a property manager to open the facility and perform post rental inspection and lock up. Renter is responsible for setting up and taking down of tables and chairs and disposing of all garbage after the event.

The building occupancy is a maximum of 60 persons in the building at one time.


A)     1-2 hours: $100, with Security Deposit of $200; with a service animal $300

B)     2-4 hours: $200 with Security Deposit of $300–with a service animal $400

C)     4-10 hours: $300, with Security Deposit of $400;  with a service animal $500

D)     10-24 hours: $400, with  Security Deposit of $500;  with a service animal $600

E    Rental of facility from Friday at 4pm to Sunday at 4pm $800,   with Security Deposit of $900;  with a service animal $1,000

SECURITY DEPOSIT:  The security deposit will be refunded within two weeks of the rental date.   A $100 cleaning fee will be deducted if the facility is not left as when the rental period began.

NOTE:  Pets are NOT ALLOWED in venue, unless pre-approved as a service animal.  Applicable deposits are required as reflected above.

              NOTE:    The cost of any damages or missing inventory items will also be deducted from the deposit, based on the pre rental and post rental property and inventory inspection.  If the amount of damages or missing inventory exceeds the deposit amount the renter(s) will be invoiced for the balance due.

IF ALCOHOL IS TO BE SERVED:      A security and general alcohol liability policy is required.  The following must be provided:

            A)          4 hour general and alcohol liability policy in the combined single limit of $1,000,000, with an aggregate of $2,000,000 per event (estimated rate) = $300 to $500

               NOTE:  (Policy can be purchased through most local insurance agents)

            B)          One (1) police officer, at an estimated fee of $35 per hour.  If security is required, renter must make arrangements directly with the Hillsboro Police Department, 303 N. Waco Street, Hillsboro, Texas 76645. The rental paperwork should be delivered to the Hillsboro Police Department Monday-Friday, 8 am to 5 pm.

Thank you for your interest in renting The Eastland Annex!