The Eastland Annex


Hillsboro and Hill County Small Event Venue!

106 North Covington Street, Hillsboro, Texas

The Eastland Annex building has been home to many varied businesses–from an auto repair shop, an insurance company, a law firm, medical professionals, an internet company and last, a perfect special event venue!

In 2015 the building was transformed into a homey venue  adapted to hosting special family or friend events, business meetings or parties.  Renovation of the building was started as a one room remodel which inspired the transformation of the next room and so on until the entire building resulted in THE place to host a special event!

If you are looking for a home like kitchen, serving and dining area, warm and cozy rooms for gathering, conversing and sharing a meal, The Annex can accommodate your needs for up to 60 individuals or more if the event is a come-and-go occasion.

The Annex is located just off the town square and is within walking distance of the historic and beautiful Hill County Courthouse and various shops.

If you would like to view the space to determine whether the facility would suit your special event criteria, call for an appointment at 254-582-2762.

The Eastland Annex team welcome you and hope the building will be the place  you choose for making that special a memory!